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Grace's Marketplace Long Island is comprised fo over eighteen departments ready and capable to cater to all of your everyday grocery and gourmet needs. Please feel free to explore our selection of products and enjoy eveything our store has to offer.

Appetizing Deli

Grace's crave in amouth-watering sandwich. Grace's Deli department features a full selection of fine meats, both imported and domestic, and cut to order. Whether you're interested in one of our deliciously flavored hams, assorted homemade cream, or decadently spiced olives, Grace's Deli is sure to go above and beyond expectations. Click Here to see our selection of sliced deli meats and cheeses. Grace's also carries a wide array of "Deli-casies". Our "Appedizing Deli" is among the most dliverse in Long Island, carrying the very best in smoke samon, caviar, pate, and foie gras. Clik here to see our foie grass selection. Our knowledgeable stff will be more than happy to answer any question about the special care and attention each one of these products requires.

Freshly Baked Breads

Grace's Brand department is one to capture all the senses. With its beautiful presentation, intoxicating aroma, and freshly baked taste, our breads could be the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Grace's features a large array of bakery products; buttery muffins and croissants, herbed sandwich & panini breads, and brick oven Ciabatta. We carry all flavours including but not limited to white, whole wheat, rosemary, and seven grain. Our staff will gladly slice or toast any bread for you and your family or friends. Be sure to arrive early, as our delicious breads tend to fly right off the shelf!

Catering and Gift Baskets

Planning an event can be fun, easy, and delicious with Grace's Catering Department. From large scale events, to small intimate gatherings, our Catering Staff can take any event to the next level. At Grace's Marketplace, we strive for quality in our products, superior customer service, and above all customer satisfaction. With Grace's Catering Department, our professional staff will transcend these same principles out of our market and into the venue of your choice. Click Here to View our Full Catering Catalog. Click here to view our full Basket Catalog.  Grace's veteran Catering Staff can also turn any one of our delicious products into a decadent gift. A wide variety of gift baskets, ranging in themes from Italian Gourmet to Continental Breakfast, it's a scrumptious surprise for any food lover to receive.

Caviar Specialties

Caviar is a gourmet delicacy known for its exclusivity, price, and acquired taste. However, one aspect of this gourmet item is undeniable in Grace's Marketplace, its quality. With Grace's, you are guaranteed only the finest sturgeon roe the outside market has to offer. From the fresh waters of America to the Caspian Sea, we will bring this sea-salted wonder right to your table. Grace's Marketplace carries a variety of caviar ranging in flavor, size, consistency, and color including but not limited to: American Hackleback Sturgeon, Siberian Osetra, Russian Golden Osetra.


The Italians call it Formaggio, the Spanish call it Queso, and the Germans call it Kaese, however we all know that cheese is delicious in any language. Grace's Marketplace artisan cheese collection is sure wow any palette with its European origins and savory flavors. With over 80 varieties ready to be cut and served to your liking, our gourmet cheese department can serve any party. Come in today to pick a pairing for your favorite wine, or design an elegant platter for your next soiree. Don't forget some delicious local honey and chutney to add some flare to your favorite cheese!

Coffee Bar

 Click here to see our Coffee Bar Eats.

From the mountains of Jamaica, to the open fields of Colombia, Grace's has all of the rich coffee beans to make your morning bright. Grace's Coffee Bar & Department freshly brews 6 varieties of coffee daily, with over 25 whole beans ready to be ground according to any home machine. Our selection is one to be envied! Allow Grace's to fill your home with the sweet aroma of a Spanish or French café. We know your favorite cup of Joe is very personal. Our exceptional baristas won't make you travel far for that coffee shop experience. Craving a little something extra next to your morning cup? Grace's Coffee Bar offers a delicious selection of muffins, homemade coffee cake, and pressed Panini sandwiches. 


Ice cold milk, gourmet assorted yogurt, and creamy truffle butter is only the beginning... In Grace's Marketplace, we know the simplest ingredients are as equally important as the exotic ones. Grace's dairy department has a large assortment of milk, including organic milk, heavy creams, and deliciously flavored yogurts. Grace's Marketplace also produces its own freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice. When you visit Grace's Marketplace, remember that your daily intake of Vitamin D and calcium never has to be dull again.


After you have done all your shopping for that fabulous dinner party, did you remember to get that equally stunning centerpiece? Located in the front of Grace's Marketplace, our resident florist prepares the most colorful and elegant bouquets of the Long Island area. From every color rose imaginable, to the whitest lilies, we'll have your home smelling spring fresh and extra bright. Our florist handpicks each flower, guaranteeing your next occasion will be in full bloom. If you would like more information on our Flower department please contact Heather Kim at 646.262.6113 or email at

Please note that the Florist department is a separate entity from Grace's Marketplace. Grace's does not guarantee the products of the flower department. 


Take the chill out of frozen foods with Grace's Frozen Food department. Our fully stocked shelves bring a new sophistication to the word frozen. While still maintaining the quality of fresh foods, our frozen department provides you with the opportunity to purchase now and enjoy later. From ice cream and gelato, to cleaned vegetables and appetizers, your freezer will never be dreary again. 

Grace's Open Cafe

Grace's Trattoria East

Grace's Marketplace Long Island has brought something new to the table. Our Open Caf, located in the front of the store, serves hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week, from opening until close. The Caf features a full menu, with indoor-outdoor seating, and all dishes are available for home and office delivery. This caf has something very unique to offer. Unsure of how to grill a certain piece of meat or saut a filet of fish? Don't want to dirty up the kitchen? Our caf staff will be more than happy to prepare any dish to your liking for home dining!
For something a little lighter and equally delicious, check out our new Guiltless Grill Menu!

Home Shopping

Grace's staff would love for you to come and experience the market first-hand, but we also know that you, our valued customer, have a very busy life. With that said, we are more than happy to bring our marketplace to you and your family. It's time to throw away the same old take-out menus, and replace them with the freshest, most delicious products Long Island has to offer. Grace's Marketplace prepares over 80 ready-to-eat dishes from our Tavola  department, fresh breads, pastries, appetizing deli, international grocery, fish, meats, cheese and the finest produce. Call our Home Shopping department today, and we will put it all together for you, ready for delivery or pick-up.

International Grocery

When you think of grocery items in other markets, cereal, snacks, and canned goods come to mind. However in Grace's marketplace it is that and so much more. With our new and improved product line, Grace's is able to keep the quality our customers have come to know and love, as well as add some much needed items such as organic and gluten-free products. The possibilities are endless ranging from European flavors to classic American favorites. Some of our most notable products are our Italian gourmet items. With the largest selection of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars, exotic pastas, savory pasta sauces, Grace's will have you thinking Italy is right inside your very own kitchen.

Grace's Product Line

Grace's Marketplace has its own signature line of products including extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar imported from Italy, bottled water, and personal blends of coffee & teas. Grace's product line also extends toward nuts, spices, and freshly squeezed Orange, Cranberry, and Grapefruit juice.


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate...and that's not all! Welcome to Grace's Pastry department, where desert is always the star of the show. Every particular fine baked good, from seasonal fruit tarts, decadent cream filledmcakes, and freshly baked ltalian pastries, all reside here.Our pastry department can accommodate a group of any size, with our individual pies and tarts, to the equally large and delicious special occasion cakes. All these delightful pastries are crafted with top quality ingredients,presented with elegance and style. No one yet has been able to resist Grace's guilty pleasure.

Prime Meat

Click Here for Prime Cooking Tips.

Grace's Meat Department is by far the most "well- seasoned" area of expertise! With over 75 years of combined experience, there isn't a cut of meat we can't handle. Grace's offers a full service butcher, where all prime meats are cut to order. Grace’s Meat Department features some of the finest, freshest, and most extensive selection of prime meats, including grass-fed, organic, and anti-biotic free products. Our experienced butchers will be more than happy to help you with your selection, as well as marinade and cooking tips.


Grace's Marketplace Produce department is one that is legendary and rich in history, and sets an example for all the rest. Every piece of fruit and vegetable is carefully examined to assure our customers that they have “nothing but the best". Our veteran Produce Manager bases his assortment on what are in season, at the peak flavor, and of course, the exotic element as well. This is the very feature that Grace's has built its Produce Department on.With the variety that we promise daily , you'll never need to scour the Caribbean for your favorite fruit again!

Salad Bar

Green is in! At Grace's Marketplace, we support our customer's decision of living a healthy lifestyle. Our Salad Bar features an extensive selection of over 40 different toppings, 10 varieties of dressing, and 5 different greens to choose from. Feel free to mix and match to create your favorite garden delight. All ingredients emphasize on the freshness of Grace's produce department, while making a vibrant, calorie-conscious meal.Salad is not the only guiltless pleasure at Grace's Salad Bar. We also make a variety of smoothies, protein shakes, and classic deli sandwiches for those on-the-go moments.


Grace's Seafood Department will surely make you feel one with the ocean. Emphasizing on freshness, variety, and season, our knowledgeable staff handpicks the catch daily. Grace's range of seafood spans throughout the continent, from the fresh shellfish of the East Coast, to the dazzling Swordfish of the Caribbean. We also offer many services that go along with seafood; our experts will skin, de-bone, filet, or shuck any piece of fish to your liking. We can also recommend cooking techniques and recipes for the beginnre to expert levels of chefs.


When you think of Grace's Marketplace, Sushi is not the first picture that comes to mind. However, according to our customers, Grace's Sushi department is among the freshest in the area. Grace's Sushi chef prepares each piece with precision, and is also available for special requests and platters. With over 15 different varieties made fresh daily, from the classic California Roll to the extraordinary Super Tuna Roll, our Sushi is Grace's hidden jewels.

Tavola Prepared Foods

Our Tavola Department features an array of freshly made dishes, both classic and current. With the purest ingredients and time-honored recipes, Grace's is sure to have your taste buds tingling, while you manage your kitchen at home spotless. Our Executive Chef prepares over 90 dishes daily, bringing every department of Grace's Marketplace into a single delicious meal. Have a favorite dish at Grace's? Feel free to call us anytime and reserve any amount you'd like to guarantee availability. Any customer may also request dishes according to taste preference or dietary needs.

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