How to get ready for Superbowl Sunday...

Entertaining family and friends has become second nature to me as I have been hosting my own family for Sunday Dinner (I have 6 children & 14 grandchildren) for many years and as well as business friends and family from abroad. However, nothing rallies my family together than a sports event like the Superbowl. My eldest son Frank played football for Purdue and my grandchildren are following suit. I just wanted to share some helpful tips that has made the Doria house the house to be during the Superbowl! I’ll break it down into three categories (Food , Refreshments, Décor)

Appetizer: Most likely, guest will be arriving at different times throughout the day so it is
certainly very important to have several appetizers out and ready for the early birds. Specifically for Superbowl, I would have fresh tortilla chips, carrot & celery sticks with a side of salsa and guacamole. With everyone having such a complicated dietary restriction (my grandsons have different type of food allergies, it is always best to include other dipping options. My go to dips are Sabrett Hummus (Vegan & Lactose Intolerant Safe) and a wild card dipping sauce (Sabrett Artichoke Dip).

Grace’s Antipasto
Platter: I also recommend having a more substantial appetizer. I order an antipasto platter from my store which includes all my favorite Italian meats, bocconcini and assorted grilled vegetables. I’m sure there are pickers in your team of family and friends. The Antipasto Platter is a great solution
since it’s filling and your guest can pick and choose what they want.

Main Event
Buffalo Wings- There is one rule in my house when it comes to Buffalo wings. The hotter they are the better it is. My sons love eating everything with hot sauce so for the big game I make sure that the Buffalo wings are spicy! My granddaughter went to college at University at Buffalo. So when I
visited her several times a year, we would go to legendary Buffalo Wing establishments to try out different flavors. For example, we would frequently visit Anchor Bar and Duffs’. We try to bring similar heat and finesse to the Buffalo wings that we sell at Grace’s Marketplace. However, keep some barbeque ones on the side for the little ones.


There is no Superbowl Party without a Sandwich Board. I definitely make sure that I have all different types of sandwiches so that everyone is covered. I always include several vegetarian options for example, the most popular sandwich we sell at our catering department, Fresh Mozzarella, Marinated Tomatoes & Basil wrap. Plus, my daughters in laws are also sure to seek out

figure friendly options therefore I include Grilled Vegetables and Light Tuna Salad wraps in my sandwich board.

Beers & Refreshment

Superbowl and Beer
just go so well together. I have my all-time favorites that I serve at both
favorite big sport event and summer dinner parties. I use a three-tier rule,
one domestic, one international brew, and one non-alcoholic.
Sam Adams Boston Lager: Popular amongst most crowds and it’s
a name that everyone is familiar with. All American Beer.
Stella Artois: Smooth finish, delightful flavor for Beer.

Non Alcoholic:
O’douls: Have been serving it for years. No Complaints yet!
Closest in taste to a regular beer

Root Beer & Soda’s in Glass Bottle: I just adore how vintage
a bucket full of glass sodas look. Everyone has a favorite. Pepsi or Coca Cola? We are a Coca Cola crowd.

This is the area where I really get festive. I usually order
a batch of Football themed cupcakes for the children. For the adults, I usually
have fresh biscotti from the market for coffee or tea.

Superbowl Sunday is all about comfort and cleanliness. Definitely some football themed napkins and lots of them! It’s great to quickly wipe out quick mess and spills. Of course, as passionate as we are about food is as passionate as we get for our teams. My family certainly represents the team of their choice even if they didn’t have a fantastic year. There are lots of Greens and
Blues in my home.

Have a fun-filled Superbowl Sunday.

Happy Cooking!

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