An Everyday Gourmet Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: No Restaurant? No Problem!

Welcome to Valentine’s Day in New York City, where going out to dinner has key winning ingredients like cliché prefix menus and a 30 minute wait to be seated WITH a reservation. I’ve decided a long time ago that being in the comfort of your own home, no matter how simple or complex the spread, always gets the evening started on a relaxed note. People are often intimidated by the idea of cooking on a regular night, let alone an especially romantic occasion like February 14th. I wanted to share with you some tricks/helpful hints that your partner will think you put in a “gourmet” effort but you actually spent “everyday” time on your preparation.


First of all, after the gifts and cards exchange, a nibbly appetizer is key. It leaves so much more time for all those intimate eye gazes and romantic conversation. A simple cheese board, that goes a little further than just adding crackers could be the perfect sensory aphrodisiac. Its light in fare, has plenty of color, and full of different textures to awaken all the palette pleasures.
Second key ingredient is a good wine! Better than any cocktail, wine is elegant, its simple, its sultry. There are delicious wines for any budget (expensive does not always mean the best). I found that a greatly/ poorly paired wine can absolutely make or break a meal. There are general rules you can always follow like contrast the pair completely, or try to have one that has a lot of complimentary flavors.

The important message is to always remember is that romance in the kitchen is a lot like having the perfect Valentine. All the ingredients have to complement each other. There’s a level of chemistry involved. It takes a little bit of effort but shouldn’t be too hard or forced. If you love your valentine, it shouldn’t be hard to create a romantic meal that they will love right back. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Cooking!
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