A Post Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Deconstructed: Post Holiday From Breakfast to Dinner

We all know that the Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family, gratitude and reflection; but most of all a great big feast. There are some brave kitchenites that brave the test of creating delicious dishes from scratch, but then there are others that contact their favorite caterers, hopefully Grace’s, to take the culinary stress away. However your feast is acquired, we all have one goal in mind, deliciousness. The day comes and you have more than enough of every dish, guests who are more than full, and the last thing anyone wants to see is another helping of cornbread stuffing. Every host of the holiday is wondering “What am I going to do with all these left overs?” I’m here to let everyone know that the old fashion turkey sandwich, although timeless, is so yesterday!
Let’s start off with the pounds of turkey you have sitting in your fridge. Turkey can be as universal as you want it to be. The classic turkey sandwich is always a good choice. With just a little bit of your favorite stuffing, some cranberry conserve, a whole ladle of piping hot gravy, and freshly toasted bread, there’s a meal in itself. But let’s go a little beyond the obvious, because I like a little challenge in the kitchen. Think of it this way… Turkey is just a leaner form of chicken; any savory dish of chicken can be made with turkey. Just to name a few: Turkey Pot Pie (getting rid of veggies too), Omelets with fresh Turkey, Turkey Milanese, and Turkey Paninis w. Brie and some left over Apple Pie filling.


As far as the vegetables go, meaning all the green beans, asparagus, carrots, and the list goes on and on… Going back to the turkey, you make Turkey Pot Pie or soup; all you need is a little chopping action and some broth. It’s a perfect cold winter night’s meal. In ways of breakfast, a lean veggie omelet would hit the spot right after a heavy holiday meal. A classic Italian favorite of mine, frittata, would be ideal post this holiday. My mom used to say, in Italian of course, a frittata is the perfect way to get rid of everything in your fridge without being wasteful.
Now for the potatoes, which I consider even more useful than the bird! Roasted potatoes can be a great breakfast tool. They can be thrown into almost any egg concoction that would make any vegetarian satisfied. And of course home fries… Who doesn’t love a crispy helping of home fries?! How about some homemade French fries? Mashed Potatoes, which are more prevalent on the holiday table, can be made into a delicious croquette; use yesterday’s turkey gravy as your dipping sauce! Sweet Potatoes can be substitutes, and used in almost any traditional recipe.
Being the matriarch of a family where the holidays consist of cooking for no less than thirty hungry bellies, I never know if I have enough, so leftovers are always an issue. And year after year, when everyone has gone home, I let out a big sigh and wonder what to do with everything. But when I look back on it, doing my shopping and menu planning, I’ve come to realize a repetitive, yet humorous theme. This whole time, I wasn’t thinking about what I’m serving on Thanksgiving; I was looking forward to all of the fun, pseudo- dishes I would get make afterwards. It’s not like a good portion of the family group won’t help out with the post feast…
Happy Cooking!
With Love,

Post Thanksgiving Menu
Turkey Breast – Turkey Pot Pie, Omelet w. Fresh Turkey, Turkey Milanese, Turkey Panini, Sandwiches and Wraps

Assorted Vegetables – Turkey Pot Pie Filling, Vegetarian Omelet, Soup Vegetables, Italian Frittata, Stuffed Mushrooms

Potatoes – Assorted Egg dishes, Home Fries, French Fries, Croquettes

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